Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lots Of Wows

Tonight's game between the Giants and the Cardinals was one of those "wow" games. There weren't any mediocre plays and there weren't any good plays. This game won by the Giants 4 - 2 in 2:51 was a game that featured many great plays and moments. There was a 3-run homerun by the Giants and a Cardinals player hit 2 homeruns. The Cardinals made four outstanding plays on defense as well. This can be a difficult type of game for the Producer. These great moments must be revisited throughout the telecast and there orchestration is no easy matter. Our regular Cardinals' Producer was off to football meetings and the person who replaced him doesn't have the experience of our regular Producer which during a game such as this one may warrant concern. No worries. Tonight's Producer was cool, calm, and collected the whole telecast. There was a nice flow to the show. In fact, as the game went on this Producer got better. I remember saying "wow" throughout the telecast for the great plays of the game. I also remember thinking "wow" as our Producer led the way to a superb telecast. Nicely done!

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