Wednesday, May 18, 2016

No Fun

It took 2:54 for the 2 - 0 Cardinals victory over the Rockies tonight at Busch Stadium. This was a well- pitched game from both teams and, therefore, a nice game for a Director. There was very little drama in this game. In fact, the most drama of the evening occurred right before we went to air for the pre-game show. The pre-game began at 6:30 and there was absolutely no phone or audio communications between the truck, the studio and the cord in Houston from 6:10 on. Finally, at 6:23 there was communication between the studio and the cord but still nothing with the truck. I was literally on the phone with the pre-game producer putting our plan together to get on and off the air in a clean fashion. The truck engineers were working feverishly trying to fix the problem. Finally at 6:28:50 the problem was resolved and everything went smoothly. I guess that type of drama is a good thing right before "air" instead of after we are on the air but I do know it was not enjoyable.

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