Friday, May 13, 2016


The Dodgers beat the Cardinals tonight by the score of 8 - 4 in 3:01 and I can't remember a game where I worked so hard. It wasn't that the game was a strange game or there were technical difficulties with the TV truck. That most certainly was not the case. The game was really a fairly easy game to cut because it had a bit of a flow to it. This truck we used in LA is a great mobile unit with a great EIC and terrific engineers. This was a difficult game to cut because I moved cameras for their shots about 80% of the time. My two sons are also in this wonderful TV sports business. When they started and asked me for my advice I told them to never make the same mistake twice, never have to be told the same thing twice and keep your mouth shut. I am proud of my sons as they are quite successful at their positions and I believe they have followed this advice. I didn't feel it tonight.

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