Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Good Then Bad Then Good Then Bad

The Cards beat the Nats tonight in 2:51 by the score of 7 - 5. The Redbirds were good early on and the Nationals were bad. The Nationals were good during the middle of the game and the Cardinals were bad at the same time. St. Louis was good at the end of the game while the Nationals were bad at the same time. Regardless of the quality of the play of the teams during the game, the quality of the Washington visiting TV crew was excellent the whole telecast. This crew is very very good. It truly is a pleasure being a part of their TV team. Despite the fact that the play on the field fluctuated from inning to inning, this crew was on top of it every inning. Ever since interleague play began in Major League Baseball, this DC crew has been one of the top crews in baseball. They might be the best crew in the game.

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