Sunday, April 12, 2015

3 Different Games

The weekend series against the Reds in Cincinnati featured 3 totally different games. The Reds defeated the Cards 5 - 4 in 2:26 in a game that featured 9 pitchers. The Reds utilized 6 pitchers and the Redbirds 3. There was a very comfortable pace to this game and a nice pace to the telecast. The Cardinals beat the Reds on Saturday by the score of 4 - 1 in 2:36. The beginning of this contest was the fastest paced baseball game I have ever experienced. The game was 1 hour old and we were in the bottom of the 5th inning with 1 out. The outrageous pace of the game at that point was mentally taxing. I believe the baseball Gods granted both TV crews a reprieve and the remainder of the game delivered a great pace but not nearly as fast as before. Today's game went 11 innings and lasted 4:03. This game, however, may have been the most entertaining of the 3 games of the weekend. There were homeruns (great fun to cut) and a managerial ejection. (by Joe West) this weekend was great fun - just in different ways.

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