Friday, June 27, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect

Before tonight's Cardinals/Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium, I returned to the TV truck about 15 minutes early and boy was I given a nice surprise. Our centerfield camera (camera 4)operator was practicing his shag during batting practice. Most TV baseball production teams have their camera 4 (located in centerfield) push to the pitcher after ball is put in play. We have camera 4 shag the ball after it is put in play. This operator was more use to pushing to the pitcher than shagging. Therefore , he was practicing his shag. Very, very impressive! Believe me, there are some TV sports crew members that are just there to pick up a paycheck. The good ones, however, want to perform their duties at a high level. Let me amend that statement. The BEST ones want to perform at a high level and thus practice and work hard at their craft. Our camera 4 operator impressed today. During batting practice AND the game! Well done!!

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