Friday, June 6, 2014

Fun Moments

The Toronto Blue a Jays beat the Cardinals tonight in Toronto by the score of 3 - 1. The game took 3:12 to play. There were 4 "fun moments" in this game/ telecast. A player was thrown out at the plate in the first inning. Plays at the plate are exciting to all fans and all TV baseball crews. There were 2 homeruns hit in the ballgame. Homeruns are the most fun for a TV baseball director to cut during a game. There was a triple play in this game. The triple play is possibly the rarest play in baseball. Cutting a triple play is fun but witnessing a triple play is great fun! It is always more enjoyable for the Cardinals' TV crew when they win. Sometimes other moments in a game are fun despite the score. Tonight was one of those games.

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