Friday, June 6, 2014

Let Me See

Let me see.......Hmmm, what should I write about? Should I write about the absolutely great game/telecast between the Cardinals and the Royals? I could write about the wonderful pace of the 2:26 game in which the Royals won 3 - 2. After all, this was one of the better played games of the 2014 season. Or, should I write about the fact that it is 4:09 in the morning and I am arriving in my hotel room in Toronto. Well, actually both circumstances are worthy of writing about. I love Toronto - you could eat off the streets! I live the Canadian people. In fact, the best man in my wedding is Canadian. I love Toronto Canada - one of my favorite cities in the world. A Cards victory would have made this a great, great night. Let me see......I'll take just a great night. Yes it was!

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