Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Derek Jeter Show

It took 3:22 for the Yankees to beat the Cardinals by the score of 7 - 4 tonight at Busch Stadium. This game was out of touch early as the Yanks were up 7 - 0 after the top of the 4th inning. The game was disappointing for Redbirds fans and we understood this in the TV truck. So, we turned our telecast into The Derek Jeter Show. We spent a good portion of the game/telecast highlighting the Hall of Fame career of this Hall of Fame person. Our graphics and commentary paid a nice tribute to this great player and fine person. I don't ever remember a game/telecast where more coverage was given to a player who wasn't playing in the game. We were hoping in the TV truck that Mr. Jeter would be given an at-bat late in the game but that never came to fruition. Cardinals fans were most likely disappointed with the final outcome of the game, but I believe baseball fans appreciated the telecast.

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