Thursday, May 22, 2014

All Smiles

A TV baseball Producer and Director with a regional package of 130 to 160 games (depending on the region) cause the Producer and the Director to get into a "zone" throughout the entire season. The most difficult sport to televise is baseball period. In order to deliver a quality product each and every day the TV production team (the Producer and the Director) must be TOTALLY focused each and every moment during each and every game. Off days offer a bit of a respite and are usually welcomed. I am going to experience a nice respite this weekend. I am not traveling to Cincinnati for the weekend series. This respite is twofold. Because of back to back 3 team home stand series surrounding the weekend in Cincinnati, I will be in my own bed for 23 straight nights!! Unheard of during a baseball season! After tonight's Cards victory, a 4 - 2 win in 2:40, I felt a wonderful feeling of relief as I left the TV truck. I will enjoy the break and I will watch the games. I just have to quit smiling.

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