Saturday, May 17, 2014

Advance Notice

The Cardinals won their fourth game in a row with a 4 - 1 victory over the Braves at Busch Stadium today. This 2 hour 31 minute contest had a great pace and our telecast had a nice flow the entire game. Late in the game, the Cardinals had a runner on third base with nobody out. A member of our crew actually heard the Cards manager tell the on deck batter that they may try a suicide squeeze if the current batter did not drive in the run. Talk about a gift to our TV team. The Redbirds did indeed attempt a safety squeeze and we, of course, were ready. It sure was a luxury knowing what was coming! From our announce team who teased the squeeze play to our camera coverage that nailed the play, it actually looked like we knew what was coming. Oh yea, we did!

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