Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Road

I am in the air from Cincinnati to St. Louis after the second to last road trip of the 2013 season. Road telecasts are less enjoyable than home telecasts. During home telecasts, we are in complete control of the show. We have nine cameras with each camera being recorded. On the road we control three cameras and,therefore, can't always give the shot with the best framing - we can't give the best shot. This can be frustrating but you deal with it and move on. Also, I know what each camera operator is capable of on our home show. Sometimes it takes a couple if telecasts to learn the strengths and weaknesses of operators on the road. This fact also affects the quality of the telecast. I love the home show. I can't wait for tomorrow at Busch Stadium. Also, I am very thankful there is only one road trip remaining this season.

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