Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just Going Through The Motions

The Brewers beat the Cardinals 5 - 3 in 3:02 tonight at Busch Stadium. The Brew Crew jumped out to a 4 - 0 lead and held on for the victory. It was during the 4 - 0 lead that our color analyst remarked the Cardinals looked like they were playing "in slow motion" that was exactly what I was thinking as he said it. There is a difference between playing in slow motion and just going through the motions. When a baseball team or a TV crew member is just "going through the motions" that means that the individual doesn't care. This certainly is not the case with the Cardinals or the St. Louis TV crew. Describing the Redbirds as playing "in slow motion" was accurate because they were just missing at the plate, just a bit too slow for a grounder and just being thrown out by a step on the bases. Sometimes the TV crew can be just a beat behind the pace of the game. And sometimes we will run into a crew member on the road who is just going through the motions. I can assure you the St. Louis TV crew members who "go through the motions" don't last long on the crew.

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