Friday, September 13, 2013


The Cardinals beat the Mariners 2 - 1 in 10 innings in a game that took 3:15 to play. This was a very entertaining ballgame! Some of the best defensive plays a baseball fan could ever see occurred in this game. The quality of a baseball game and a baseball telecast can be evaluated by the number of memorable moments that occur during the contest. This game was rife with memorable moments. Each team made many great defensive plays and each starting pitcher came up with huge pitches throughout the game. It is too bad that this game ended on a bad play. The Redbirds loaded the bases on a single and two walks after the first two batters of the 10th inning made outs. The winning run scored on a passed ball. Our 4-replay sequence of the passed ball was priceless. This was one of the most memorable replay sequences I have ever been a part of in my thirty year career of directing baseball. Just wonderful and certainly memorable.

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