Sunday, June 2, 2013

Three Moments

The Giants beat the Cardinals 4 - 2 in 2:40 today at Busch Stadium. There were three moments during the telecast that really stood out. One of the moments involved the play on the field, another dealt with the on field Pregame ceremony and the third memorable moment occurred in the stands. The memorable moment during the game came after the last out of the third inning when both Yadier Molina and manager Mike Matheny were ejected from the game. The ejections occurred at 1st base and the shot of the commotion from our leftfield camera (camera 1) was framed so that it included the fans going crazy in the background. The Pregame ceremony included a young fan on the field pretending he was a pitcher and he was emulating a windup. What really enhanced this memory was that it was captured in super slow-mo. My favorite moment of the telecast happened during the first at-bat of the game. Their was a toddler sitting with his parents eating a huge chocolate chip cookie. Between batters we revisited the kid to see the progress he was making as he devoured the giant cookie. The sequence wrapped up with his father dutifully wiping the chocolate mess from the kids face.

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