Friday, June 7, 2013


In the biggest game of the 2013 season the Cardinals beat the Reds 9 - 2 in 3:11. We had a FAIRLY clean telecast like we always do here in Cincinnati. I like this crew and we usually have good telecasts out of Great American Ballpark. This blog will not be a wrap up of the game/telecast. This blog will present THE reason why the Cardinals are consistently good. The most successful athletes in any Major League Sport are the athletes that are the most confident. Confidence is the most important trait for any athlete at any level. The St. Louis Cardinals have been very good for a very long time because of confidence. I believe that the number one reason why the Redbirds have been so good for such a long stretch is because every single home game has over 40,000 screaming adoring fans. These screaming fans are adoring because the Cardinals consistently win. The Cards consistently win because they KNOW they are going to win. They are CONFIDENT they are going to win. Why are they so good? Why are they so confident? Because they are reminded each and every home game by a full Busch Stadium. A full Busch Stadium of screaming confident fans. On the other hand, the Reds only sold 91% of their seats tonight for their most important game of the 2013 season. These fans didn't scream and were not very confident. A confident fan base would have filled Gret American Ballpark tonight. I am confident the Cardinals will walk through the National League this season. Big FOX tomorrow and ESPN Sunday Night Baseball so I am off until Tuesday in NY vs the Mets.

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