Thursday, June 27, 2013

Off Days On The Road USUALLY Suck

Usually, off days on the road suck. When I am on the road I want to work. Usually. There are some cities where off days can be quite enjoyable. San Francisco is one of those cities. Today was an enjoyable off day. Whether you care or not, this is what I did on this off day in San Francsco. I got out of bed at noon. (Remember it was a very late night) After showering, I had coffee at Starbucks with John Rooney and Dan McLaughlin and then went to my favorite greasy spoon - Lori's Diner for breakfast. Later on in the afternoon my good friend Rip Rowen, who runs the Cardinal's clubhouse, and I went to the Napa Valley Winery Exchange ( a great wine shop) and bought some wonderful bottles of wine. I am enjoying one as we speak. Tonight, I went to dinner at Scoma's (great) with John Rooney, Jim Jackson (radio producer) and Ricky Horton. My Cioppino was unbelievable! I just said goodnight to my lovely wife and I am going to bed. A great day - even if it was an off day.

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