Thursday, April 4, 2013

Off Day

Off days on the road can really suck. When I am on the road I want to work. However, this off day (for the team as well) was really needed after that marathon yesterday. Just because I know that you want to know what I did today I will tell you. After 5 hours and 50 minutes of sleep, I drank some coffee in my room and read the St. Louis and St. Paul, Minnesota papers online. At 2:00 pacific time I went to Lori's diner (love it) and had pancakes and sausage. I walked around San Francisco (my favorite US city) for a while and then went to my room where I read for about an hour. At 6:30, me, Brian our tape producer and Keith our graphics genius went to an Irish Pub for drinks, merriment and food. Great time!!! This was a great off day! Tomorrow - at the truck at 7:00 AM for the Giants home opener. Then another off day on Saturday as the Cards are the Fox game of the week. I hope Saturday's off day will be as good as today's off day. No doubt about it!!!

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