Monday, July 25, 2016

Tough Start Good Ending

Where do I start abut today's game/telecast? Yesterday is where I will start. The Cards played on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball and lost against the Dodgers in just under 4 hours. After the game, we were informed that the charter flight to New York would be delayed because of a mechanical problem with the plane. This mechanical problem coupled with bad weather meant that we did not take off for NY until 3:42 in the morning. We landed in any at 7:22 AM and because of morning rush hour arrived at our hotel just passes 8:30AM. I slept from just after 9:00 until 12:20, had breakfast and arrived at the truck just after 2:00. At 4:00, we were alerted that the start of the game may be delayed because of inclement weather. They were right. At 5:45 it started rainy and it rained hard. And rained and rained. At 7:10 the game as postponed and rescheduled for a 4:00 - 7:00 doubleheader tomorrow. It's just after 10:00 and I am ready for bed. Thank you for no day/night doubleheader tomorrow. Thank you. Much needed sleep tonight. Good night.

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