Sunday, July 31, 2016


The Marlins walked off with a 5 - 4 victory over the Cardinals today in Miami. This 2:42 game ended in an unusual way. It was a "I got it, you take it" ball hit between the leftfielder and the centerfielder of the Redbirds. The play was scored a triple even though I believe the ball should have been caught. For the past year our Producer has been learning directing and today he did 4 innings. He is catching on and is now really directing instead of selecting. Our Viz operator sat in the Producer's chair to get a feel for the Producer's responsibilities for a couple innings and learned quite a lot from the experience. "I didn't realize how fast stuff occurs during the game for the Producer" was his takeaway from the experience. And he is right. Television sports moves and moves quickly. That may be the first thing a person learns when he or she sits in the Producer or Director's chair - things move quickly.

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