Friday, October 2, 2015

An Emptiness

The Braves took 3:58 to beat the Cards 4 - 0 tonight in Atlanta in a meaningless game. The Braves have been out of playoff contention for a good while and the Redbirds clinched the Central Division in their last game. This was a meaningless game as far as the standings go but their are still roster decisions to be made by the Cardinals for the post season so there is some meaning for the club. Yes, I believe the Cards still want to win every game (every club does) but there is a certain edge lost for me in games such as this game. I still cut the game to the best of my ability but there is a totally different feeling as I sit in the chair. It is hard to explain but there is a bit of emptiness that I can't get rid of as the game is being played. The more that I think about it I believe that the Cardinals fans that are watching feel the same sort if emptiness that I feel. Two more regular season games to go. I can't wait for playoff baseball. I'll be watching.

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