Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Big Difference

The Cardinals closed out the 2015 season with a doubleheader against the Braves today in a Atlanta. I had two different mind sets for each game today and each mindset was different. I struggled during the first game/telecast. I had a difficult time keeping my focus. I struggled because it was a meaningless game from a standings standpoint and I knew there would be another meaningless game 30 minutes after the it's completion. I knew the second game/telecast was my final show for the 2015 season and this helped me remain focused. In fact, as each inning was completed and the game neared it's finish I felt a bit of excitement knowing the grind of TV baseball was almost over. It will take about a week for my brain to return from the mush it is now. Trust me, a TV baseball season has a way of frying the brain. Now it's home sweet home. This is my last blog for the 2015 season. Thank you to all who follow it.

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