Saturday, August 22, 2015

Thoughts Are Things

Another blowout loss for the Cardinals as the Padres, with help of a 7-run 7th inning won the game 8 - 0 in 3:11. This Cardinals team has had the best record in baseball, by far, for most of this season. Yet, the negativity I am beginning to hear concerning this team concerns me. Read the newspaper or watch the news - 90% of the content is negative. That is why I don't read the newspaper or watch the news. These and other outlets cause people to think in a negative fashion and that is why most people live negative, unhappy lives. It is a fact, in fact it is a law - you become what you think. Think happy, positive, loving, prosperous thought and you are happy, successful, loved and prosperous. Think negatively in any aspect of your life and your life will suck. This is not bullshit. Thoughts are things. Thoughts are as real as gravity, as real as electricity. You become what you think about most. You can't get around it - it is a law of nature. You have a choice. I know what my choice is.

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