Sunday, August 16, 2015

No Pace - None

The Marlins avoided being swept by the Cardinals with a 6 - 4 victory today at Busch Stadium. This 3:13 affair seemed to take much longer than that. The Rebirds uncharacteristically played a very sloppy game. This sloppy play was a major reason for the pace of this game but this was one of those games that seem to hit a wall. Time stood still. The clock stopped. When the pace of the game is at a standstill, it is near impossible to create a pace for the telecast. I'm not sure what is worse - matching a telecast with a fast paced game or creating a pace for the telecast when there is absolutely no pace to the game. I guess I would rather keep pace with a fast paced game then create a pace when there is none with the game. Today's game answered that question.

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