Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Relaxing Telecast

The Cards beat the Mets in New York tonight by the score of 10 - 2. This 2:43 blowout was a different game than we have been accustomed to this season. Therefore, our telecast was also different than we have been used to in 2015. Sometimes telecasts are relaxing. Tonight's show was a perfect example of a relaxed telecast. Why are these types of shows important? Well, when a TV production team is involved in 155 games a high percentage of those games and, thus, telecasts are quite stressful. There is not a high percentage of game/telecasts where the TV team can deliver the product in a relaxed atmosphere. Trust me, if each of the 155 shows were of high stress, the TV team would be fried by July. These game/telecasts are a mini vacation during the season. The quality of the coverage does not suffer during these types of shows. On the contrary, the "relaxed" shows allow the TV team to present late season stressful shows in a high quality fashion. A welcomed game and a welcomed telecast tonight indeed.

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