Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Been There

The Cubs beat the Cards tonight in walk-off fashion 4 - 3 with a single in the bottom of the 10th inning. Even though the Redbirds have earned a playoff spot, they still are battling for the division championship so every game has meaning. For example, I know we are having more fun than the TV teams of the Twins and the Indians who played each other tonight in Minneapolis. The Cards have a 1 1/2 lead over the Pirates for the division crown with 4 games to play. Things are certainly looking good. Why then am I not excited to be part of this pennant race. Am I spoiled with all the success the Cards have enjoyed for the last decade? No, I am not spoiled with all their success. I am not excited because I know the Redbirds will win the division. Don't get me wrong - I love their success. I love the game of baseball. I'm acting like I've been there before. Because I have.

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