Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fans In The Stands

The Cardinals beat the Rockies tonight by the score of 4 - 1. This 2:54 game was played in 103 degrees at the start and 94 degrees at the end. Despite the heat, the 42,338 fans in attendance were really into the game. A loud crowd is very beneficial to the home team and great for a telecast. Just as players feed off the energy of the fans so does the TV production team. A stadium that is rockin and rollin really enhances a telecast. The St. Louis TV baseball production team is quite spoiled. Most home games are sold out or near a sellout and the fans are really into the game of baseball. The viewing experience is also enhanced by the fans in the stands. The fans in the stands are really another production tool for our telecast. Just as important as the camera shots and replays, the crowd is equally important to the quality of the show.

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