Thursday, July 19, 2012

2 Ten Minute Segments

Today's Cardinals/Brewers game telecast really came down to just 2 ten minute segments. The first segment came in the bottom of the first inning when the Brewers scored all their runs. After a leadoff error, a single, and a hit-by-pitch, the Brewers loaded the bases. Then the ten minute segment began. Here is what happened in the next ten minutes: A 2-run single, a ground out, a line out, and then the Cardinals made 3 errors on one play allowing 2 additional runs to score. That ten minutes was all the Brewers' offense was able to do the rest of the game. The Cardinals ten minute segment began in the top of the ninth inning when they were down 4 - 2. After a double and a walk and with two outs the Brewers walked the bases loaded and then had a meeting on the mound. The meeting must not have been very effective as the pitcher proceeded to walk in a run. With two outs and the bases loaded, a long fly ball to the warning track eneded the game with the Brewers prevailing 4 - 3. The Brewers enjoyed 10 minutes in the first inning and the Cardinals enjoyed 10 minutes in the ninth inning. Sandwiched between these two ten minute segments was a game with little or no drama.

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