Monday, May 21, 2012

On The Air, Off The Air

At 7:55pm during our telecast we lost all audio. We continued to cut the game with no effects and no announcers. A short time later we lost all video on our Fox Sports Midwest feed. Fox Sports San Diego's feed was thus fed to the FS Midwest viewers. However, because our feed went to a very small number of cable viewers we continued to cut the game even though there was no audio. Kudos to the FS San Diego TV broadcast team. They had both audio and video the whole game/telecast but were unable to run commercials. They did a great job adjusting and filled between innings with some wonderful programming. I watched their feed between innings and what they did was very, very impressive. They were on the air and on top of it. They nailed it. I can't remember ever losing audio and video for most of a telecast. A rarity indeed. As I have stated before, the great thing about live television sports is that I learn something each and every time I sit in the director's chair. What did I learn tonight? FS San Diego's telecast team is very, very good.

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