Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nothing Personal

Throughout a Major League Baseball season, we televise 157 games. We travel with the team on their airline charters, we ride on their buses and we stay at their hotels. There are even instances where we might even ride in a cab or hotel shuttle with the players to the ballpark. Because of this, we form relationships with the players. Of course some relationships are stronger than others. One of the players that we on the TV crew have a great relationship with is Adam Wainwright. Adam is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. Wainwright missed the whole 2011 season after Tommy John surgery. He has struggled a bit in his return and this is very understandable. However, when we cover St. Louis Cardinals baseball we cannot and will not let our personal relationships with players get in the way of our coverage. Wainwright had one of the worst outings of his career tonight. Our commentary and our graphics covered this outing in a very honest way. We did not sugar coat this outing and we did not bury Wainwright. We covered this game as total professionals (as always) and this was a quality telecast. We would like the Cardinals to win every game but if they don't and a player has a bad game we cover it. Nothing personal.

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