Saturday, July 19, 2014


Yesterday, the Cards beat the Dodgers 3 - 2 in 3:02. Today the Cards beat the Dodgers 4 - 2 in 3:02. In today's game/telecast out TV production team got a little lucky. We aired our "keys to the game" drop-in after the first Redbirds batter of the game. The drop-in said "Get to the Dodgers' starting pitcher early". The first 4 batters of the game for the Cardinals scored and it was 4 - 0 before they made an out in the first inning. The pace of the game had some hiccups but for the most part there was a nice flow to the show. Two days off before the Tampa Bay Rays series begins on Tuesday. Maybe I'll visit a casino. I'm feeling a little lucky.

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