Saturday, March 1, 2014

You Can Just Tell

The Cards lost to the Marlins again today in their second spring training game of 2014. There is a huge difference between a Major League player and a minor league player. That difference was very noticeable during today's game/telecast. The Major League pitcher throws strikes, works fast and has an idea when he is on the mound. The minor league pitcher is all over the place nibbling, is scared to death, and doesn't have a clue when on the hill. The Major League batter makes adjustments from at-bat to at-bat and sometimes from pitch to pitch. The confidence factor is very noticeable. The minor league batter hopes and prays and guesses on every pitch. When there are Major League players on the mound and in the box the game has a special feel to it. There is a nice flow to the game. Put a minor league player in any of those positions and the flow of the contest is haphazard. Televising a game with a nice flow is quite enjoyable. Televising a haphazard affair is mentally taxing. How does one know the difference between a Major League talent and a minor league player? You can just tell.

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