Saturday, June 16, 2012

From The Onset

I knew this was going to be a brutal baseball game from the onset. During the top of the first inning the Cardinals seemed to complete a triple play. With runners on first and second the batter hit a soft liner to the pitcher who seemed to catch it. The baserunners who were off with the pitch were easily caught and the triple play was completed. Or so it seemed. The Royals manager complained, the umpires huddled, changed their original call and put the runners on second and third with one out. The Cardinals manager stormed out of the dugout and after a long delay was finally ejected. The Royals scored a run a led 1 - 0 after the top of the first. The Cardinals hit 2 homeruns in the bottom of the first and led 4 - 1 going into the second inning. The first inning took 42 minutes to play. 3:38 minutes after the first pitch and 310 pitches later the game ended with the Cardinals winning 10 - 7. A dreadful, dreadful game. I knew it from the onset.

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